I JOHN – This apostolic letter reaffirms the core of Christianity, saying that either we exhibit the sound doctrine, obedience, and love that characterize all Christians, or else we are not true Christians. When all the basics of faith are in operation, we not only know joy but can live a holy life and be assured of salvation. All adults will be studying I John throughout the year with the majority of the classes being initially taught by the Elders.
Angie Purvine will be leading the discussion in the Ladies Class.


HARD SAYINGS FROM THE BIBLE – The Bible is a collection of sixty-six books written over a period of some 1,500 years by dozens of human authors in three different languages. The cultural and linguistic divides mean that there are times we will run across passages whose meaning was clear to the author but is not immediately clear to us. During 2020 we will be studying many of these as well as those that are difficult to live up to. Initially we will be looking at the teachings of Jesus followed by some texts from the Old Testament as well as the Apostle Paul. Several brothers will be teaching for a month at a time with two classes offered. The following are the initial assignments:

JANUARY – Louis Dinkins/Paul Ellison

FEBRUARY – Lee Bradshaw/Lewis Fair

MARCH – Rick Cofer/Stephen Troup



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