Fall 2018 Adult Classes:

Sunday morning (begins Sept 2, with one exception)

Living with Loss (Grief).
It is normal to grieve when we lose a loved one, a job, a
relationship, or even a pet. Scars of loss are a testament to the love and even the depth
of a relationship. If the scar is deep, so was the love. In today’s culture, we are
obsessed with prolonging human life, so many people avoid preparing for death or even
discussing this topic. We will explore the many biblical references to loss, our response
to loss, and how we can minister to others. Taught by Jack Vanderpool.

Ladies’ Class. The ladies are beginning a study of Genesis on September 9. Scripture
is the primary resource, of course. As a secondary help, the ladies will also be using
Genesis: Blessings as You Begin, by Carren Martin—a book from 21st Century Christian.
Taught by Rachel McCuiston and Cheryl Satterfield.

Men’s Class. The men will be continuing their study of the Gospel of Mark. Guys, come
join this class as it walks through Mark’s amazing story about the life and sacrifice of
Jesus. Taught by various men.

1 and 2 Samuel. The two books of Samuel tell the story of David—and the continued
story of Israel—in all of its glorious and difficult detail. Ricky Gray will be teaching this
class in the auditorium.

College and Young Professionals (CoPro). The CoPro class will continue an
exploration of scripture in order to discover how to live more effectively as Christian
young men and women in this world. Rick Hagerty will facilitate.

Young Families. Lance Holland is leading a class for young families (late 20s to early
40s). Navigating marriage and children can be a lesson in chaos. Using scripture and
Gary Chapman’s, The Five Love Languages, this class will talk openly and honestly
about this chaotic time of life.

Wednesday (begins Sept 5)

1 and 2 Thessalonians. The church at Thessalonica had a lot going for it. At the same
time, like all churches, it was not perfect. Also, there were many threats and many
questions. Paul Ellison will teach 1 Thessalonians. Tom Clark will teach 2

The History of Israel, Part 2. This class is the second part of a three-part study that
began this past spring. We will pick up where we left off—early in Joshua’s career as
leader of Israel. Taught by Ricky Gray.Adults: Video series facilitated by Ricky Gray.

Mid-Week Ladies’Class. Beginning in October, Christi Richardson and Chaney Billips will lead a ladies’ class on Wednesday evenings. Making Room: A Study of Biblical Hospitality is about more than sharing a meal. It is the work of making room in our lives for others. This
“She Reads Truth” Bible study focuses on what scripture has to say about making
room for neighbors, the poor, strangers, and more. The class will also involve
service projects throughout the quarter.

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