December 2019 ADULT CLASSES:


FIVE LOVE LANGUAGES – Love is central to who we are as Christian people. It is the “glue” that binds everything else together. Yet we do not all receive or express love in the same ways. It is essential for each of us to understand how we best receive love, as well as to understand how those around us do so. Gary Chapman calls it Love Languages. For the month of December, we will look at love—how we can better express it, and how we might better communicate our own “love language” to those around us. Led by Ricky Gray.

LADIES’ CLASS – For the month of December, the Ladies Class will be studying in Luke as well as I John, as they discuss the purpose of Christmas, and why Jesus is the greatest gift God gave to the world.

CHAOS – During December, CHAOS will continue studying the book “Jesus>Religion”. The study will highlight the difference between law and love, performance and peace, and despair and hope,


ESTHER – Life can be hard. Difficult times happen, and pain cannot be avoided. When life doesn’t make sense, do you turn to God or away from Him? Let the book of Esther encourage you that God is always present. Jesus called us “friends” ( John 15:15), and the Spirit is our “Helper” (14:26). Trust and obey, as Esther did. And watch God silently weave all events for His glory and for our good.  Tom Clark will lead this study.

MATTHEW – The Gospel of Matthew presents Jesus as Israel’s Messiah. The account alternates between Jesus’ activities of healing and casting out demons, and major blocks of his teaching. This class will be co-taught by Darryl Harper and Keith Lyda

LADIES’ CLASS –  Kim Davenport and others will lead a study on the book “Don’t Sing Songs to a Heavy Heart”– How to relate to those who are suffering. The class will also incorporate various service projects throughout the quarter. Please join us in the first classroom on the right this Wednesday.




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