Winter 2018/2019 Adult Classes:

Sunday morning begins December 2 

Ladies’ Class: Psalms. The Psalms are not only poetic—they are also the hymns that the Jews have sung in worship for millennia. The Book of Psalms is a treasure trove for us as Christians, whether to help us worship or to help us otherwise grow closer to God.

Men’s Class: Mark. The men’s class will continue the study through the Gospel of Mark. Mark’s is a breathless account of the life and work of Jesus Christ (and the growth and development of his disciples).

College and Young Professionals (CoPro): After finishing the current study, the CoPro class will begin a study of prayer by looking closely at the Lord’s Prayer in Matthew 6.

James: The book of James is the favorite of many, many people. This is typically because James is not one to mince words—he usually gets straight to the point on most matters! Keith Lyda will be leading this class.

Starting Wednesday Night, December 5

2nd Thessalonians: The letters to Thessalonica are critical for us—they are encouraging, challenging, and constructive. The study that began in fall quarter with 1st Thessalonians will continue. Tom Clark is leading this class.

The History of Israel, Part Three: This is the final part of a three-part study of the history of Israel. To this point, we have looked at the genesis of Israel (the Exodus story) as well as the troubled development of Israel as a nation. In this last part of the study, we will follow a now-divided Israel into its last stages by looking at the prophets (especially he 8th-century prophets). Led by Ricky Gray.

Mid-Week Ladies’Class. Beginning in October, Christi Richardson and Chaney Billips will lead a ladies’ class on Wednesday evenings. Making Room: A Study of Biblical Hospitality is about more than sharing a meal. It is the work of making room in our lives for others. This “She Reads Truth” Bible study focuses on what scripture has to say about making room for neighbors, the poor, strangers, and more. The class will also involve service projects throughout the quarter.

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