Winter Quarter 2017-2018 Adult Classes


Spring Quarter Adult Classes

Sunday Morning Classes (began March 4):

The Book of Acts. Keith Lyda will continue leading a study of the book of Acts. It is in Acts that we see the young church grow and mature as it is led by the apostles. It is also in Acts that
we find a model for church life and faith.

The Names of God. Looking in scripture, especially in the Old Testament, we find that God is referred to in a variety of ways. He has many names, each of which has a particular meaning. Whether referring to God as “the one who provides,” or as “the Lord of armies (hosts),” ormyriad other ways, it is instructive for us to see how the ancients viewed our great God. Tim Denney will lead a class discussing many of the names that have been used in scripture to refer to God.

College and Young Professionals. The “CoPro” class will continue to look at the Psalms as they relate to life and faith. If you fit into this age/life bracket, please join us! Led by Ricky

Men’s Class. The men will begin going through the book, “Muscle and a Shovel.” There will be a focus on both personal evangelism and conversion. Class led by Alan Way.

Ladies’ Class. The ladies will continue their study of Isaiah, working through the book, Extracting the Precious from Isaiah. This study continues throughout the month of March, led by Betty Lister and Beth Vanderpool.

Wednesday Night Classes (began March 7):

1, 2, and 3 John. There is much to learn from the “little” books in our bibles. John’s letters may just be the best example of that. Rick Cofer will lead us through a study of 1, 2, and 3 John.

The History of Israel, Part 1. This is a class that will be taught over three quarters (spring, fall, and winter—summer will be skipped). The idea is to look at the birth of the nation of Israel, and its
tumultuous relationship to God. We will focus especially on where the prophets fit into the timeline. Led by Ricky Gray.


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