Winter Quarter 2017-2018 Adult Classes

Sunday Mornings

Sunday Classes (begin December 10)

The Acts of the Apostles. Keith Lyda will teach a two-quarter class on Acts. This great book serves as a model in so many ways as it gives us a glimpse of the life and work of the early church, as well as showing us the power of discipleship. In addition, some significant personalities are highlighted.

Parenting Class. Using video and small group discussion, Reagan Holland will lead a class about parenting our children and bringing them up in the Lord.

Ladies’ Class. The ladies will continue the current study through the end of the calendar year. Starting in the New Year, Betty Lister and Beth Vanderpool will lead a study called, “Lessons from Isaiah.”

Men’s Class. The men will continue to discuss the intersection between scripture and faith using the Tony Dungy book, Uncommon.

College and Young Professionals. If ever there was a book that spoke to the realities of life, it is the Psalms. Ricky Gray will facilitate a discussion about “the Psalms and Life.” In this class we will allow the writings of these ancient poets to guide us in our thoughts (and actions) as we move about as Christians in our world.


Wednesday night

Wednesday Classes (begin December 6)

The Letter to the Hebrews. This book is one of the richest theological letters in all of scripture. Although written to Jews, it contains for us remarkable insights into the life that we are called to live as the people of God. Taught by Stephen Troup.

The Decalogue in Real Time. We do not talk often enough about the Ten Commandments, yet they continue to have a profound impact on our walk as Christians. This class will drill deeply down into the commandments, and what they continue to mean for our lives today. Led by Ricky Gray

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