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Important Reminders for Worship Gatherings

Hello, church family,

Regarding our upcoming corporate gatherings:

1.  Some members are far more vulnerable than others. In the interest of considering one another’s needs, therefore, it is imperative that we enter and exit as efficiently as possible. Note that those attending the 9:00am service have a particular responsibility to be efficient, since a second group of folks is scheduled to come in for the 11:00am service.

2.  Please sit with your family group.

3.  A team of ushers will be on site to help with entry/exit and seating. Pay close attention to their instructions.

4.  Individual communion ‘kits’ will be available on a table in the foyer (these include a cup with juice and un leavened wafer, all in one). Please pick up enough for your family group as you enter.

5.  Drop boxes will be available for contribution on a table in the foyer.

6.  Sanitation stations will be available.

7.  We continue to encourage at-risk groups to stay home and participate with us remotely via Facebook.

8.  If you are ill or feverish, please stay home and join us remotely via the Facebook live stream.
We are at a loss for words to express how excited we are to see everyone. Please continue to pray for this situation, especially those most affected by it.  See you on Sunday.

In Christ,
Jack, Phil, and Reagan


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